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Frank Lloyd Wright. From Princeton Lectures, 1930 series

Human traditions, like garments are to be put on and taken off.

Form is organic only when it is natural to material and natural to function.

Simplicity and style both are consequences never causes.

A good word in architecture is "CLEAN", another is "INTEGRAL", still another "PLASTIC" - one more... "QUIET".

Architecture is the scientific-art of making structure express ideas.

Architecture is the triumph of human imagination over materials, methods and men-man in possession of his earth.

Good form is good sense put into some effective shape appropriate to some material.

Form is made by function but qualified by use therefore as form changes with changing conditions the last analysis is never to be made.

A matter of TASTE usually is a matter of IGNORANCE.

Life goes by sequence into sequential forms.

Creation assimilates... creation never imitates... The creature imitates and simulates.

Romance is the poetry of that joy we feel in life as distinguished from pleasure. We percieve romance as BEAUTIFUL.
The beautiful is a ROMANCE.

Intelect is the tool of imagination. It creates nothing... the eye sees, the ear hears, imagination perceives, conceives, creates.

In organic architecture decoration is DESECRATION, because to decorate is to apply.

Music is mathematics sublimated by imagination.

The new sense of DEPTH that characterizes architecture as integral instead of sculptural is a Spiritual Sense of the Third Dimension.


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